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StoSilent Systems

Acoustic Systems for Interior Applications


Effective acoustic solutions are becoming increasingly important in modern architecture. Even during the planning stage, ways to positively influence the sound of a room as inconspicuously as possible is a major consideration. Ultimately, the way a room is perceived depends heavily on how it is heard, and seen, by those who use it.


At Sto, we have been researching this topic for over 25 years. Our aim has always been to provide you with the means and materials you need to design acoustically perfect rooms that look as good as they sound.



StoSilent Acoustic Systems
StoSilent Planning Manual



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Collins Square Melbourne Perth Airport Perth Airport Hobson Bay House Auckland


Christchurch City Council Chambers Kärnten Therme, Austria  The SSE Hydro, Glasgow Ernst & Young Britomart Auckland
Supreme Court of New Zealand, Wellington Supreme Court of New Zealand, Wellington




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System variants



StoSilent Distance

StoSilent Distance

Installed as a suspended ceiling or as a wall covering with cavity. The sub-construction is made of metal profiles and the acoustic panel consists of expanded glass granulate. The advantages of this material; it is light, absorbs sound, and can be adjusted to any shape of room to form a homogeneous, seamless surface.

  1. Sub-construction
  2. Self-adhesive - StoSilent Profile Tape
  3. Acoustic Board Options -
    StoSilent Board,
    Our standard boards for seamless acoustic solutions, offering a varying acoustic properties.
    StoSilent A2 Board,
    A level up from standard StoSilent board, non-combustible with increased sound absorption.
    StoSilent Flex Board,
    Designed for forming curves and vaults down to a 5m radius.
  4. Intermediate Coat - StoSilent Top Basic
  5. Finish - StoSilent Top Basic / Top Finish / Décor M

StoSilent Direct

StoSilent Direct

Consists of composite mineral fibre boards with a pre-applied, textured surface. The boards are bonded directly to the substrate, and their pre-chamfered joints can be left as is, or filled prior to applying one of the StoSilent textured finishes. Seamless surfaces up to 700 m² can be created without the need for a break in the system, as well as curves down to a radius of 5m.

  1. Adhesive - Sto Adhesive Render
  2. Joint Filler - StoSilent Filler
  3. Acoustic Board - StoSilent Board MW
  4. Intermediate Coat - StoSilent Top Basic
  5. Finish - StoSilent Top Basic / Décor M / Climasan

Fire Rating

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Download a BRANZ Appraisal


BRANZ Appraisal
StoSilent Distance Panel Fire Test Report FH4892
Branz Appraisal


BRANZ Appraisal
StoSilent Direct Board Fire Test Report FH6000
Branz Appraisal


Disclaimer: These drawings have been issued as a guideline. The sequence work covers various building components, each trade is responsible to ensure their elements are fully installed, including all waterproofing / sealant / flashings as is applicable.
Last updated November 2017