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    NEW - StoVeneer Wood

    A mineral veneer board for a timber or
    board form concrete look


    StoPoren Panel Facade System

    Solid construction
    with lightweight concrete

    StoPoren Brick Veneer Construction

    Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Ventilated-Cavity Brick System

    StoStucco Render System

    Stainless Steel Lath over Cavity Construction

    StoVentec R

    Ventilated Rainscreen Facade System


    StoTherm Masonry Insulation

    Insulation Systems for Solid Masonry Construction

    StoTherm Insulation for Timber or Steel Frame

    Insulation Systems for Cavity Construction


    Stolit Finishing Renders

    For EasyLap Panel Construction

    Concrete Block Construction

    Render Systems for Concrete Block Construction

    Render Brick Construction

    Render Systems for Brick Construction

    Monotek® Construction

    Solutions for Monotek® Construction

    EPS / ICF Construction

    Render Systems for Polystyrene Block Construction

    StoLite Stucco System

    Lightweight Stucco Cavity System on Fibre Cement Sheet

    AFS LOGICWALL® Construction

    Solutions for AFS LOGICWALL® Construction


    Exterior Render Repair Systems

    Repairs for cracked and leaky substrates


    StoClear Coating Systems

    Clear Coating Systems for Concrete Construction

    Exterior Facade Paints

    Paints for Exterior Applications

    Sto Interiors

    Renders, Paints and Special Coatings for Interior Applications


    StoSilent Systems

    Acoustic Solutions for Interior Applications


    StoColor System

    A unique planning tool for the use of colour in architecture

    NEW - StoVeneer Wood

    A mineral veneer board for a timber or
    board form concrete look

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25 Years of Stoanz Ltd

25 Years of Stoanz Ltd

Based in Wellington, Sto New Zealand in conjunction with Sto Germany were pleased to invite the national Sto Contractor Network to the biennial Sto Contractor Conference of 2019. The two-day event held on May 16th and 17th also marked the 25th anniversary of Stoanz Ltd, the authorised New Zealand distribution partner for Sto SE & Co. KGaA.

The conference introduced Thomas Scheuch, Sto Germany’s Technical Training Manager and the team from within Sto New Zealand to impart their knowledge with an in-depth look into the latest and upcoming Sto Systems, accompanied by the necessary training and updates required for today's built environments. This included an exciting new interior range and humidity management system – StoCalce; updates regarding quickset technology for winter weather work; a look at some unique Sto render finishes, including the show-stopping StoVeneer Wood System; render application techniques and much more…

There was a great response with a record turnout ensuring it was the largest Sto Conference in New Zealand to date, with over 80 Sto Contractors enjoying professional development and networking with Sto feasts, drinks and regional highlights of the year so far.

Sto would like to thank all those who attended, marking a successful 25 years of Stoanz Ltd.

Please view the photos below: