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Bigger Better Stronger

Bigger Better Stronger

Before we all immerse ourselves into another successful year of Sto renders, cladding systems and facade work. The Sto team and Sto Contractor network came together regionally to celebrate our successful partnership over the 2017 year, and mark the new year as bigger, better and stronger.

The Auckland Sto network came together to finish of the year with a few extremities, with extreme indoor karts, team racing style in the Bathurst 90, including a post celebratory banquet held at Moonsoon Poon. The results, after a few friendly t-bone collisions: 1st - Stefan Coles of Nexus and Steve Osborne of B.B. Plastering, 2nd - Eric Allen of Allen Plastering and Adam Dobbie of Plaster Solutions. 3rd - A one man team and may have been robbed on technicality on a pit stop rule... Don Attwood of Attwood Plastering.

Further down the line Cliff also caught up with another loyal Sto Contractor Peter Decke - who has retired passing on his business, Coating Plus Limited to his colleague Phil Martin so he can concentrate on his yachting. A catch up drink followed by a dinner with Tauranga Sto Contractors Grant / Linda and Craig / Fay McLean of McLean Plastering. Kevin / Catherine Giles of Quality Finishes and Phil Martin of Coating Plus, and supported by Brendon Honey (yes Cliff’s brother) of BCITO. Everyone looking very merry after downing a sunny Tauranga evening.

The Wellington Sto Contractors kicked it off with the Sto head office team at Fortune Favours with a few Wellington styled brews and platters, and as usual an enthusiastic group discussion on the best brew, recent and upcoming projects, staff and Jacinda with a vocal chorus from Dion Baretta of STS Contracting, Sean Andersen of Andersens, Jonathon Crerar and Chris Andersen of JC Coatings alongside recent new comer James O’Sullivan of O'Sullivan Plastering Ltd (OPL).

Across the straight the Canterbury Sto network held a similar style event in  Christchurch, where there was definitely more entertainment and celebration. However due to an iPhone post-celebration meltdown we have lost the photos taken, our apologies. But as always a hearty and entertaining evening ensured with Aynsley Frewer of Frewer Plastering, Olaf Damm of OD Plastering, Sebastiaan / Tina Bastiaanse of Advanced Exterior Plastering, Kris McLeish of Avon Plastering and John McVicar of Plaster Works, just to name a few. 

Back with the Marlborough/Nelson Sto network, the Marlborough Sounds fishing trip was a lucky catch, courtesy to Gregg Bennett of Bennetts Brick / Block & Plastering for providing the boat and batch, and Carl Granger of CG Coatings.


Further down in Mainland country where good things take time, the Southland Network started the festivities with a tour of the Bill Richardson Transport World and Motor Cycle World in Invercargill - followed by a few drinks at Zookeepers bar, dinner at the museum restaurant and top up at Speights Ale House, where on closing management headed home while Mark & JP sheappered by big Steve lead the plastered charge across the road for a night cap. Mark Ward of Ward Plastering, Paul (Buff chk) Braden of Braden Plastering, Jamie Richards of JR Plastering, Dwyte Dennison of Dennison Plastering, and Invercargill locals James Philipson (JP) of JP Plastering and Chris Jaeger of Jaeger Ltd. An eventful afternoon that trucked on into a great night in tanking up in Invercargill.

Over the ditch in Sydney we also recently turned the cap back on with a small function in Sydney at the Sto Sydney warehouse with Alex Di Silva of AGS Plastering, Roger Gomes of RogerTex NSW, Mario Cvetanovski of Multifix Group and Elias Dos Santos of Cover Up Dynamics.

While we couldn’t rope everyone in, the Sto NZ & Au Team has appreciated all of the support over the past twelve months and are back on full of energy to create a better future through innovation, technical expertise and sales support.

Signed off by everyone in Sto NZ and Sto Au