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    NEW - StoCalce Functio

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    NEW - StoVeneer Wood

    A mineral veneer board for a timber or
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Gifting to a great cause

Gifting to a Great Cause ~

This year, the impact of Covid 19 has again been felt across New Zealand. It has significantly changed how we interact with others in our day to day tasks, our work and many other aspects. The construction industry is no exception, there have been significant changes both on construction sites and in the office.

It is also recognised that this combination of stress and disruption can significantly impact the mental wellbeing of people’s health, their relationships, their families, their jobs and how they see their future. New research commissioned by MATES in Construction NZ, has revealed that New Zealand’s construction workers are more than two times more likely to die by suicide than the rest of the workforce. 

To help raise mental health awareness, and in line with our company’s supportive ethos, instead of a Christmas gift this year, Sto will be donating to the ‘I Am Hope’ foundation. 

The ‘I Am Hope’ foundation is a youth and community-focused support group, championed by Mike King and run by The Key to Life Charitable Trust. The foundation promotes positive attitudinal and societal change around mental health within schools, workplaces and communities throughout New Zealand, and funds private care and counselling. They offer hope and a voice to young people in our country through various projects, including school tours and practical courses.

Through their services, the ‘I Am Hope’ foundation has been able to provide positive mental health and wellbeing care to thousands of people who are struggling. We hope that our donation to this exceptional cause will help the foundation to continue providing its life-changing services to those who need it most. For further information, please visit - I AM HOPE.

The team at Sto wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season. It has been great working with you this year, and we look forward to working with you again in 2022!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Stay Safe —

The Sto Team NZ.